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What is Crypto?

  What is crypto? Part 1 Cash Apps Vs. Wallets Observation: In simplest terms Crypto is a digital asset that, in many ways, is used in the same manor as a USD is used and transferred digitally today. If we stop there, knowing that most people do not really understand the intricacies of how the USD is digitally transferred from point a to point b. One could ascertain that they are really just different types of the same thing and this is all you need to know.   Scope: To help illustrate my observation, I will share the commonalities between how PayPal is used with the USD and how a Trust wallet is used with Bitcoin - with the main focus of the overview illustrating the commonalities between the two in regards to how they transfer funds. I chose PayPal because of the wide spread familiarity with the app and a Trust wallet due to ease of use. This is with the understanding that there are several different cash transfer apps and wallets available.  Quick Note:  Most of the available cash a