Why Crypto?

    Last time I talked about this topic, I had mentioned that one of the main reasons why I was getting into crypto was because the inevitable change to our monetary system scared the shit out of me. This is mainly because of my lack of knowledge surrounding crypto. So what should I do?

    Well I have being researching, collecting, and buying up crypto as a result. I really believe the transition is coming sooner than later, as it seems like every day we hear about more and more transitions (companies accepting Crypto). Aside from the seven major companies that accept Bitcoin/crypto currency, which are mentioned in the following article: https://due.com/blog/7-companies-accept-cryptocurrency/.  now there are reports of more Bitcoin ATM's popping up in countries like Japan and Africa. Oddly enough one can even find Coke machines, where you can buy the famed soda using the ever more common crypto currency Bitcoin. That begs the question how long before Pepsi follows suit? 

    Some  examples of large companies trying to get up to speed with crypto currencies are PayPal and Facebook. Their late transition reminds me of the change from analog to digital phones. Who will be the leaders of change and who will be left in the dust?  

    Although, it is very obvious that I still have many questions about the future of  Crypto currencies, it is becoming more and more familiar to me. In fact I often find myself sharing my tiny slice of knowledge of crypto with friends and family. I do find great enjoyment in it and am loving the journey.  What are some of the companies that you have heard of that are accepting crypto?


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