GeoClaim with Coin 2.0

Geo Claiming,
I will cover this again so new comers understand the basics. Geo claiming is where you can purchase a percentage of an area in the coin app that is traveled through where you will be rewarded a portion of the coin collected in that specific area. You will have the claim for 7 days. I bought into 7 areas for the last week with a master account so I did not have to travel to the area to claim them. The week before I collect about 14k coins for a 10k coin investment. This week I concentrated on high volume areas with higher population. This netted me a 16k return on a 9.5k investment.  Please reference the FAQ link at the bottom for more detail.

So basically with out spelling out exactly how I did that and what areas, so as not to infringe on other peoples neighbors on mass scale here is just an overview.   I looked up a couple areas with know higher levels of population near the end of the 7 day event and chose a few that had high volumes of coin collected.  I found the return to be better than the previous weeks test and recommend experimenting using these guidelines to find your own niche. I do believe if one was to invest the time and used the max of 50 Geo claims it would be well worth the time. There are a few more tips I can share if anyone is interested but prefer to share one one so please subscribe or comment and we can go over it. 

Again for more info:


  1. I'm guessing my videos helped on where to claim and what areas are over saturated.

    1. Xyotips, I do not recall watching a video on Geo Claiming but I would love for you to post a link here so we can all see and learn. I can also do a review of your video and include the link if that would be alright with that? Thanks for the comment...

  2. I'm guessing my videos helped on where to claim and what areas are over saturated.


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