Coin app and the 4th

As we celebrate the 4th July, I have found that collecting coin and crypto has become a secondary priority to hanging with friends and family. It is important to spend time with friends and family, and it has been great but to be quite honest it has really accelerated my referral success rate lol. The reason being is that all of those posts and soliciting that have gone unacknowledged are now being given consideration. Come to find out they have Not gone un noticed. I am learning that there is nothing more important than the personal touch or face to face interaction. I spent as much time discussing what crypto currency is, what it means, and what it will mean to us as a society in the future, as we spent reminiscing our last few social gatherings. Bottom line is as with all things, take the time to spend the time and that in turn we afford you the free time we all desire.


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