Earning crypto for free

06/28/20 So now it begins...


  1. Ok the Blog is up and running. I got to be honest I was a bit anxious setting this up but its going now so wow my first blog yay!

    I dropped in my referral links to a couple fun programs that allow for crypto collecting.

    Let me know if it is tacky to use my own referral links?

    Thanks for listening and happy hunting!

    1. I found a page where you have several links. There is one for bee but when I grabbed it i got to the setup and it is asking for an invite code but you didn’t post one as far as I could tell

  2. No i think using your own referral links is exactly how you should do it.
    I also do training for people who want to learn how to do this

    1) this is allot of work to look at these systems and weed out the scams from the true business. Many people are out there doing the hay here is how to make money... oh you want to know how well for just $x.xx to buy my book. But these links cost nothing for anyone wanting to try it and you get some benefit as well.

    2)using referral links tell you when someone signs up. So they are a great way to know if people are actually interested and are using your information you put so much effort in sharing.

    3)when you receive rewards when someone who used your link to create their account you know that not only did they create an account but the info you provided has actually helped them in their own goals of earning income for themselves.

    Blogs are great but if no one posts a reply then you have no idea if your information has helped anyone. The referral links not only show that people found your information but are actually using it and benefiting from it. I really can’t think of better way to track how successful the sharing of the info you posted is and even better you can see that they are actually benefiting from your information.

    Ive been working in this field for about 1 1/2 years and this is my only source of income being disabled and unable to work a normal job. Im always looking for the next crypto business that i can try out to see if i can make money with them to improve my quality of life and having someone post honest companies that they have found then I would prefer that they did exactly what you did with using referral links. What better way to thank you for sharing that information.

    So thank you and keep it up. And maybe some of the sites ive found may help you too


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